Stuff I’ve written

I’m using this section to park some of my old writing from blogging at WPDE, but the headliner is the book that I co-wrote with’s Charlie Crème (he was Chuck Whitney in the Maine days).

return to glory cover

You can find the book on Amazon, going rate $1.87.  If you buy it, there’s a pretty good chance Charlie and I will fly to your house and read it to you.  We got a great review from our friends in the Great White North.

July, 2013 – The Courage of Robin Roberts

My interaction with the Good Morning America host.

October, 2012 – My encounter with Marcus Lattimore

I wrote this shortly after he suffered a devastating knee injury at the University of South Carolina.

October, 2012 – Remembering Ronald Rouse

One of the toughest stories I ever had to cover.  A player collapsed on the field and died on a Friday night.

July, 2011 – Thigpen’s Perfect Storm

My Adam Schefter/Christ Mortensen moment – on the ground floor of Tyler Thigpen’s signing with the Buffalo Bills.

November, 2010 – Remembering Jim Hunter

My tribute to one of NASCAR’s most influential figures.

July, 2009 – The Way We Get By

My good friends Aron Gaudet and Dan Ferrigan produced an amazing documentary.

September, 2008 – Big Mike: A lesson about believing in yourself

My story on Mike Tolbert’s journey from undrafted free agent to NFL touchdown machine.

July, 2008 – There’s a guy with one arm pitching a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium

My favorite WCBS and Steve Levy story from my first professional job.

July, 2008 -My link with Pete Sampras

My favorite story from my tennis days.

April, 2008 – Simpson’s redemption

Remember the guy who flipped into the end zone for the Bengals for a TD?  This is his story of coming back from a major setback.

September, 2007 – Long weekend

Behind the scenes of a football weekend during my Myrtle Beach broadcast career.

June, 2007 – So long Buzz

The end of Buzz Peterson’s time at Coastal Carolina and the valuable journalism lesson I got from it.

April, 2007 – My run in with Imus

A story from my internship at WFAN.

April, 2007 – The Augusta black list

Why I never got to cover the Masters.


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