My favorite stories

This is a pet project.  So many great stories and memories, when things pop in my head, I’ll scour the archives and try and post them.

Cats and Dogs Video

So I thought this funny story from Coach Bennett at CCU was worth throwing on YouTube.  Heading towards 2 million hits.

Jadevon Clowney 2010 South Carolina Mr. Football

Since the 2014 NFL Draft is right around the corner, here’s my interview with the then high school senior after he won South Carolina Mr. Football in 2010.

The greatest NASCAR finish ever

Ricky Craven taught me everything I know about NASCAR so it was extra special to be with him when he scored the most exciting victory in NASCAR at Darlington Raceway in March 2003.

Tug McGraw live shot after 9/11

One of the coolest things I ever participated in was a celebrity baseball game with former big league greats.  It was at Pelicans Stadium in Myrtle Beach, SC with nearly 4000 fans on hand. As you can tell by this interview, 9/11 was fresh and raw.

And thanks to the generosity of “the Tugger”, I have a hit off a major leaguer, and my man Ed Piotrowski got one off of Vida Blue!

Golf with Lou Holtz

The legendary coach might not remember me, but he’ll always remember my golf swing (ps – I sunk two nice putts in Lou’s presence).

Camp Bennett

I was given an all-access pass to Coastal Carolina University football training camp.  For two years, I did 8 episodes.  A poor man’s Hard Knocks.

Monday after the Masters 2003

Hootie and the Blowfish have what many say is the best celebrity golf tournament.  In my Roy Firestone moment, I did a 30 minute special and talked with Darius Rucker, Dan Patrick, Tom Watson and Dan Marino

WPDE’s 15 Greatest Athletes

A great project with Mark Haggard where we researched and polled area experts for the 15 greatest athletes in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand of South Carolina.  Here are three of the features we did: Heisman Trophy winner Doc Blanchard (#1), Pro Football Hall of Famer Harry Carson (#3) former NY Yankees World Series MVP Bobby Richardson (#4) and NASCAR Hall of Famer Cale Yarborough (#5).

Backyard Wrestling

One of my favorite colleagues, the great Keith Sterling, worked with me on this two part series.  If you’re a WWE fan, it’s a must watch.

Syvelle Newton chooses Gamecocks live in our studio

The RGIII of the early 2000s, Syvelle Newton switched hats in our studio announcing his college choice, sending the Palmetto State into an uproar.  I posted this video 8 years after it happened.  My boss said that we “broke the internet” when we posted this story way back when.

One legged wrestler wins state title on the mat

One of my last feature stories in South Carolina and it is one I’ll never forget.




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